What will the neighbors think?

Yesterday we received a review and the home owner called us a “Stealth Team”. Stealth means “to do something so quietly and carefully that no one notices”.
We often get asked about our discretion and what will the neighbors think when we’re exterminating. We’ve been doing this for years and learned early on that this a major concern for home owners.
Each situation is different but we work out a solution to ensure privacy and confidentiality. We have a “plan of action” if we need to explain ourselves to neighbors. I won’t go into what this plan is but let’s just say it’s worked for us and our clients.
I can say that when we do show up, there is absolutely no visual detail. No marked vans or cars, no uniforms depicting “Sniff K9’s” and nothing that will identify our business as bed bug exterminators. Our equipment is so generic that it’s easy for us to explain what we’re doing and it has nothing to do with getting rid of bed bugs.

So, what will the neighbors think? I can guarantee that they won’t know what we’re actually there for. We really are a STEALTH TEAM.

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