Ways You Can Stop Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home

Bed bugs aren’t flying insects. They travel from place to place on people and objects. When the bed bugs arrive in your home, it may only be a matter of time before you have a huge problem on your hands. In nine weeks, two bed bugs in your home can become 1,500 bed bugs or more. To stop bed bugs from infesting your home, you have two options: professional treatment or self-treating. The first sign of a bed bug infestation is usually getting bites on your skin. However, you may not feel the bites at all. Another sign of bed bugs involves seeing them in seams of the couch or your mattress. This occurs because bed bugs like to hang out in cracks and crevices in walls when they aren’t feeding. When those areas become too full with bed bugs, they move to less hidden areas like your curtains, clothes, couch, or bed.

Hiring a Bed Bug Professional

When you have a large infestation or a reoccurrence, seeking professional bed bug treatment is best. Currently, there are no credible bed bug products available over the counter to kill the insects. Thus, you are probably wasting your money buying the products when hiring a professional to eliminate the bugs has better, lasting results.

Many professionals use bed bug dogs to sniff out the insects. The bed bug professional uses a certified canine to search for the bugs in visible and hidden places like cracks in the walls. Also, professionals know how to stop bed bugs. They use a variety of methods. For instance, heat kills bed bugs in areas like walls and under carpets and furniture. This doesn’t mean you can heat your home to kill the bed bugs. A bed bug professional uses special equipment to heat your home and kill the bugs.

You don’t have to do much preparation for the bed bug professional to eradicate the bed bugs using heat. Your belongings are left in your home during the heating process.

Self-Treating the Bed Bugs Doesn’t Always Work

The term “self-treating” sounds odd, but it refers to you eliminating the bed bug problem yourself. Treating the bed bugs yourself involves searching for the areas in your home where bed bugs live and doing the following:

  • Correctly find the bugs
  • Make a record of where you’ve found the bugs
  • Clean in and around the bed bug-infested area
  • Place items such as bedding and clothing in the dryer
  • Use bed bug pesticides

Although treating the bed bugs yourself sounds like an easier task than hiring a professional, it’s not. There are many potential problems when doing the work yourself. For example, constant exposure to chemical bed bug pesticides can have a long-term health effect on you and your family. This can occur when you use the pesticides repeatedly. For instance, you may think you have the problem solved, but you find more bed bugs and use the product again and again.

Take precautions when using chemical pesticides. Using pesticides incorrectly can make you sick. You can also become sick if you use outdoor bed bug pesticides in your home. Read the label to make sure the pesticide was tested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. Many bed bug products claim to work, but not all of them are EPA tested.

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