Using Chemicals To Exterminate Bed Bugs

The major benefit of using a heat treatment for bed bug extermination is that it’s a “one-day-kill”. Not the best sounding phrase unless you’re a home owner with bed bugs. The process is simple. We arrive in the morning and you have your bed bug free home back that same day.

We understand that the cost associated with heat treatment is higher than that of chemicals and I totally understand that individuals need to go the chemical route but please make sure you talk to someone experienced in this field.

Bed bugs are not like other pests. There’s no single chemical treatment that can get rid of them with just one visit. If a company tells you this, PLEASE call someone else.

Just remember, chemicals will kill bed bugs but will NOT kill their eggs. A second treatment is required at about two weeks to kill the newly born bed bugs. A third treatment is recommended after another two weeks to ensure any newly hatched nymphs are exterminated.

If you’re looking for an exterminator who specializes in chemicals, please give us a call and we can recommend ones that will follow the correct procedure.

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