Tips for How to Avoid Bed Bugs in NYC

Some people might get the impression that attempting to avoid bed bugs in NYC is a daunting task. After all, NYC is such a cluttered place that you’d think it would be a cinch to get bed bugs. In truth, bed bugs are not attracted to filthy or cramped conditions. All they want is a host, and they don’t care if the home is spacious or the size of a small dorm.

According to Sniff K9’s Bed Bugs by the Numbers page, there was a one in six chance that a resident in Cincinnati had a bed bug infestation in 2008, while in NYC (a much denser city) there were only 82 confirmed infestations in 2011. City size or population is not a factor when compared to simply being careful and avoiding ways to easily bring bed bugs into your home. Whether you live in NYC or you just want to visit, it’s important to take certain precautionary measures to avoid getting infested.

Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. As few as one female bed bug can latch onto luggage or other bags and infest your home. If you’re in a NYC hotel, inspect the bed sheets for any signs of blood dots or dropping and keep your luggage on the luggage rack. If you’re coming back from NYC with luggage and you have been bitten by bed bugs (or you just want to be safe), it’s best to carefully inspect any folds or crevasses on the luggage itself for bed bugs or tiny eggs and immediately laundry any clothes you have taken with you on your trip.

One of the easiest ways to get bed bugs in your home is to bring in used furniture from the street. NYC has an abundance of furniture that has been thrown away, but no matter how clean something looks, it’s almost impossible to know if it has bed bugs just by glancing at it. Not all people are nice enough to put warning signs on infested furniture, so it’s best to just avoid taking in anything from the street.

Finally, if you’re moving into a new apartment in NYC, always inspect it for any signs of a previous infestation. Bed bugs can survive over 70 days without a host to feed on and can still be around when you move in, so it’s always best to thoroughly inspect any small spaces for evidence of bed bugs.

It’s not difficult to avoid bed bugs in NYC – you just have to be careful. Bed bugs don’t care about their surrounding conditions; they simply want a host to feed off of. If you take the necessary measures, you can almost always avoid bed bugs, no matter what the environment.

Photo: Flickr

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