Joan Reid

They’re HONEST (please read my review)

I’ve been terrified of getting bed bugs and when I woke up one morning with bites I knew we had them. My husband travels regularly and stays at hotels. I called a company and the man that came was friendly and spent less than two minutes in my home with a sniffing dog and said. “You have a major infestation”. You could imagine how I felt. He said we need to exterminate. My husband was not convinced since he was not getting bit and there was a fighting match between us. He wanted a second opinion. I called Sniff K9s and Mike explained in detail how he didn’t feel we had a major infestation based on certain things like how many bites, are they increasing and i cant remember but there was more. I booked to have one of their dogs search and Harris not only searched with Eky (I think that’s the dog’s name) but was checking mattresses and bedrooms with a magnifying glass and flashlight for any signs that I might have them. He said there’s no way you have a major infestation and Eky didn’t alert. I thought, who should I believe? Harris asked if I had any pets and I said no. He also said it was strange that I was being bitten just below the knee. He said it was more like fleas, NOT bed bugs. I do remember my son bringing his girlfriends dog to stay with him about two weeks ago. Anyway, It’s been 6 weeks and Mike just called as a follow up. I was excited to tell him it was fleas. We let off some flea bombs and there were no more bites after that. Thank God my husband wanted a second opinion. I don’t want to mention the other company’s name but it’s wrong to tell someone they have bed bugs just to get more business. I’ve asked for my money for the dog inspection back but of course they won’t. I don’t write reviews but after this experience I want to warn people and at the same time write about this company .

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