Ken Powers

Bite free for one week thanks to these people!!! We had come back from a European holiday and while there we had to change rooms as I thought I saw a bed bug early one morning. I didn’t think much about it after that until coming home. After about a week both my husband and I woke up with bites each morning. I called for a dog inspection with another company and they said I have bed bugs. They also said the bed bugs were in a suitcase but that suitcase wasn’t with us on our trip so I wasn’t convinced.  I called Mike and he was very nice. I didn’t tell him, we had another dog inspection and I wasn’t home when their dog inspected our house but when I received a call from Mike that evening he said there was an alert on a red suitcase which was the suitcase that wasn’t on the trip and the other dog also selected. Mike arranged for a treatment and walked us through the heat treat procedure. Gregory, the team leader was amazing, explaining everything. When we got home it felt bug free. (I know that sounds crazy) Waking up knowing that I don’t have somrthing crawling on me at night is pure bliss. I can get my life back and I owe it all to these people.

Thank you

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