How To Choose A Bed Bug Exterminator?

We don’t hear about bed bugs in the news but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone away. As a technician that deals specifically with bed bug calls, I can say that we might not hear about them but bed bugs are here to stay (for a while anyway). So many times I’ve gone out on a call and the home owner would say to me “We just had another company get rid of the bed bugs but they’ve come back. Why?” I ask, how many times did they come? The response is virtually the same each time. “JUST ONCE” I do get angry when I hear that because I understand how it feels to have bed bugs and just wanting to get rid of them ASAP. To know that there are individuals out there that don’t know a thing about bed bugs yet gladly take the homeowners’ money is cause for concern. I can go on but I won’t. So, how to choose a   bed bug exterminator that knows how to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Reputable Company: They might be great at getting rid of cockroaches, but the methods required for bed bugs are unique. The company needs to be affiliated with NPMA (National Pest Management Association) and needs to have attended at least one bed bug conference (yes you read that right) in the last two years.
  2. Knowledge of the bed bug: You’d be surprised how many people get it wrong. The bed bug is very similar to other bugs and even I’ve had to put something that was given to me by a client under a microscope to confirm. The last thing I want to do is tell a client they have bed bugs when they don’t. A lot of times in the field I’m telling clients they don’t have bed bugs only to be told that a previous company told them they did. Ask the company about the bed bug. Ask about where it’s usually found (if they say in the bed) run. Ask about how the female gets impregnated. I know this might be a little “out there” but someone that understands the biology of the bed bug has a better chance of exterminating them.
  3. The treatment: What’s involved? How many times will you treat? Are they using the three phase approach? (chemicals) What type of chemicals?  If they say “Just once” RUN. Guarantee? Do they offer a guarantee? If so how long?
  4. References: If you’re going to spend that much money to get rid of bed bugs, you want to know a bit more about them.
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