Move-In Weekend For Boston Students. Dramatic Increase in Bed Bug Calls.

What a day! I can’t recall any year that we were so busy with bed bug calls and inspections. What I did notice was that students were trying to move in but their apartment housing wasn’t ready, and by ready I mean filthy. They were right to be concerned but of the nine bed bug dog inspections today, there were only two apartments where my dog alerted and I was able to find evidence of an infestation in one of them. The other seven were not infested but students felt that since the residence was “dirty” there would obviously be bed bugs and some students who slept in their apartment last night thought that they felt bites. Concerned parents called wanting an inspection to confirm there was not a bed bug problem.

When I started working for Sniff K9s (5 years ago) I assumed that bed bugs would only be found in structures or homes that were dirty but after my first week I realized that I was very wrong. Bed bugs don’t discriminate. I’ve inspected mansions where it’s so spotless I wear boot covers and I’ve inspected houses where it’s hard for me and my dog to find our way due to the amount of clutter. Bed bugs are attracted to blood, warmth and carbon dioxide. Having a lot of stuff or clutter just gives the bed bugs more places to hide.

One common comment from students today was “I felt them biting me last night”. It’s very rare to feel a bed bug bite. When a bed bug bites, it actually injects its host with an anesthetic to numb the area and an anti-clotting agent to make sure blood flows.

Another very busy day tomorrow but I do enjoy it when I can clear a home the tenants can rest easy knowing they don’t have bed bugs.

Till next time..


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