Getting Rid of Bed Bugs With Heat Treatment and Certified Canines

Removing any kind of infestation from your home or business can become costly. If you have a bed bug problem, you’ll want to find an effective way to resolve the issue without taking a second mortgage. Several tools and treatment options are available to battle the bed bugs.

Contact a Professional

There are currently no credible products on the market designed for consumers to kill bed bugs. All the products have fine print stating “kills on contact” and you will never be able to make contact with most of the bugs without professional help. Also, Virginia Tech and other top research universities regularly test these do-it-yourself products and none have recommended these remedies. You are advised to hire a professional to conduct an inspection and create a plan to remove the infestation for the long-term. The first step to getting rid of bed bugs is to call a pest control professional who specializes in bed bugs.

The Inspection

A visual inspection by an exterminator is one option that yields less than 25% accuracy. An alternative form of inspection involves using a certified canine to sniff out the bed bugs. Each dog is different, but the better-trained animals have 95% or greater accuracy and are very time efficient. Always ask how accurate the specific dog they are sending has been in recent training. Dogs should be trained and tested 16 hours per month, and the company should be able to tell you their current stats. These dogs are trained to find every spot the bed bugs have infested, so you can create a plan to remove the pests from your home.

Heat Treatments

Heat has been proven by a landmark University of Michigan study to kill bed bugs at 122 degrees Fahrenheit in their harborage areas. This means 122 in the center of walls, middle of furniture, under carpet, etc. The primary advantage to using heat is that it is a “one day kill,” meaning that bed bug in all life stages are exterminated. Chemical treatments need to be applied every two weeks, and total eradication typically occurs after six weeks. Bed bug eggs are often not killed by chemicals, hence the need for repeated visits. Preparation for the heat treatment is simple since all belongings are left in the house or apartment and there is no need to launder clothing.

Your clothes dryer can kill bed bugs if it is loosely filled and running for at least 20 minutes. This won’t work for anything fragile or too large. Other devices that are on the market include portable heating devices and heat chambers. When heating a house or a heat chamber, the ambient temperature is 140-160 in order to achieve 122 in the harborage areas.

Image source: Flickr

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