Buying a new mattress? Make sure it’s bed bug free.

Recently I was checking a home owner’s house for bedbugs. The client stated that they became aware of bites on their son a few days ago but couldn’t understand why. I asked the usual questions to try and figure out if they actually were bed bugs and how they got there. From what they told me it didn’t seem they were in the “high-risk” group so I searched with my canine buddy and sure enough he alerted in one of the children’s rooms and it was the child that had the bites. I checked around looking for evidence of an infestation but there was nothing. In fact something was too clean, so I asked if they had purchased the mattress recently as it looked brand new. They had. The mattress was delivered about two weeks ago. Next question: Did they take your old mattress away? The homeowner replied yes as it was stained. My assumption is the mattress delivery company started its day delivering mattresses and also picking up the old ones and placing them in the same truck. Now we’ve contaminated the old with the new mattresses and therefore spread bed bugs. So what do you do? When buying a mattress ask if they use the same truck to deliver as they use to take away the used mattresses. Most companies have realized the issue and have segregated vehicles so there’s no possibility of spreading the bed bugs.

Sleep well!

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