Bed Bug Dogs for Sale: What You Need to Know

If you have or are considering starting a pest management business, adding bed bug sniffing dogs makes sense. There are several things to look for when searching for bed bug dogs for sale. The first is finding a quality breeder and trainer. After that, finding a working business model is important. A franchise specializing in using bed bug detecting dogs might be just what you are looking for.

Dog Selection
Not just any dog cuts it as a bed bug sniffing dog. Breeds that are scent driven and easy to train are the best dogs for this task. Labrador retrievers are a good choice. They are loyal and easy to train, and they have a great sense of smell. The breed is used extensively in hunting waterfowl and upland game. Bed bug detecting dogs require similar traits.

Bed bug dogs are friendly and non-aggressive toward people and other household pets. A well-trained dog will not bother animals in the home. Once the dogs arrive at the customer’s home or business, the dogs are at work. Their sole focus is to locate bed bugs–a task that they do extremely well.

Look for dogs from quality breeders. Any dog used for bed bug detection needs to be free from hip disorders and other genetic problems. A reputable breeder will guarantee his dogs. Make sure you get a healthy animal.

Where to Find Bed Bug Dogs for Sale
Locating a reputable breeder and trainer is difficult. The best way to find quality bed bug detecting dogs is to purchase them from a trainer. Look for trainers who have extensive experience in training dogs specifically for bed bugs.

Another option is to purchase a high-quality dog and have it professionally trained to detect bed bugs. Either way, you will make a significant investment of time and money to get a well-trained animal.

Benefits of Owning Bed Bug Dogs
Unlike other forms of bed bug detection, bed bug dogs are relatively new. Purchasing a well-trained bed bug sniffing dog now is a way to set your pest management business apart from others in your area. It gives you access to the most efficient and accurate method of finding bed bugs.

Bed bug detecting dogs are not for everyone. They are a full-time commitment, you do not leave them behind at the office. Do your research before making the jump into owning these special animals. You will find that they are well worth the time and money you spend on them.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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