Our Bed Bug Detection in Connecticut Has a 90% Accuracy Rate

The bed bug epidemic is reaching terrifying levels. Bed bugs can be found in millions of homes across the country, and the problem affects home of the rich and the poor. Bed bugs don’t discriminate, they just invade. The first key to getting rid of bed bugs is detecting them, and making sure they are all found and eliminated. Even a few leftover bed bugs can restart an infestation in your home, making you feel like you are part of a never ending cycle of bed bugs. We can help you make sure they are gone for good!

Most 2-person teams doing a visual inspection of your home only have a 25% accuracy rate in finding bed bugs. These creatures are clever when it comes to hiding themselves, so they are easy to overlook. However, by adding a trained dog to the team, the accuracy rate shoots up to 90% or more. Our bed bug detection in Connecticut uses trained dogs to sniff out bed bugs so our elimination team can get to work. The inspection is much quicker, too, since the dog will be relying on scent to find the creepy crawlers and not just their eyes.

Want to learn more about how our bed bug detection in Connecticut works with our human and dog teams? Visit our website to read more about how we put our dogs to work for you. They love what they do, and they’ll be glad to come into your home and get to work. Give us a call to set up an appointment for an inspection today!

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