Avoid the Chemicals with Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Massachusetts

Many of us are doing our best to avoid introducing unnecessary chemicals into our homes. We eat clean, use all-natural cleaners, and make our home a place that’s safe for kids, pets, and friends. For some of us, it may even be a health issue due to sensitivity to chemical odors or contact. When you have a bed bug infestation, though, you might think you need to chuck it all out the window and bring in as many chemicals as possible to kill those creepy crawlers for good. You don’t have to resort to heavy chemical use! Instead, our bed bug heat treatment in Massachusetts can get rid of bed bugs without scary chemicals.

Bed bugs are actually very susceptible to heat. We’ll give you a list of things to remove from you home so they don’t melt or are otherwise harmed by the high heat temperatures. The treatment is fast, too; you can leave at breakfast and be back home in your bed bug free home by dinner! We’ll use specialized equipment that heats up your home and kill all bed bugs, including larvae and adults. Other than being a chemical-free process, the best part of our bed bug heat treatment in Massachusetts is that there is no laundry to do afterwards!

We’ll ensure that the bed bugs are dead after our heat treatment by bringing in our specially trained dogs. They’ll sniff out every corner and make sure they the bugs are done and your home is pest free once again. Don’t let bed bugs get you down…give us a call and we’ll get rid of them for good. Learn more about our process on our website or give us a call today and make your appointment.

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