Quick and easy fix

We stop the bed bug cycle in just one day! Why wait any longer?

We know what you are going through!

We’ve helped thousands of stressed individuals just like you!


For over nine years, we’ve specialized in residential & commercial bed bug detection and extermination

Welcome to sniff k9s

We’ve helped thousands of stressed individuals just like you. The good news is the odds are on your side. We are able to help over half of our callers figure out they have NO bed bugs. While you are right to be concerned, we do not want you to assume the worst.


“Fantastic team. Knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Their method was the only one that made sense. They use non-toxic thorough and extensive treatment with immediate results. When they finished up, i was confident that they eradicated the problem, and i was able to finally sleep comfortably. I have already passed their business cards out to friends and business associates. Don’t hesitate to call. If you want this problem taken care of, sniff k9′s is the only way to go!!!”

“We were very impressed with Mike, Erky and the Sniff K9 team. Watching Erky in action is fascinating! We are doing all we can to be proactive against this scourge. With the natural ability of canines and the intensive training these dogs receive we are confident that this will aid us in our quest to prevent bed bugs.”

“We are very happy with the level of service and confidence we have after being told that we did not have bed bugs. What we ended up having were carpet beetles. Mike’s staff were very nice even though my wife was freaking out. Reccomendation- If you think you have bed bugs dont go researching on line for hours and hours as you’ll make yourself believe you have them.
Thanks Sniff k9s”

“Wonderful, professional company! After learning we had bed bugs I turned to this company and they eliminated the bugs in one day! The heating system really worked and it was fast, safe and thorough with no chemicals in our home. Not sure what I would have done without the personal attention of the management at this company. They followed through at every turn and answered all our questions. This company is incredible and I would highly recommend them.”

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