Stella P

This professional and experienced organization always makes us feel confident whenever we have a situation that requires immediate attention.
Mike understands that as Inn Keepers it is vital that we address any comment from a guest in regards to bed bugs. We have been using SK9s for a year and are 100% confident in their assessment and conclusion. Prior to using this company we were always being told we had bed bugs after a guest complained and now we absolutely know and most of the time it is not bed bugs so we don’t have to lose revenue by making the room OOO until it is treated. Also, I can’t stress the importance of discretion in this industry and sniff has excelled in making sure no one knows of their presence. No marked cars, obvious uniforms and a prepared answer to any one that might ask. As the summer season is upon us, I’m happy that we have finally partnered with Sniff K9s.

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