Sam J

I recently moved to Massachusetts and had gone through the nightmare of bed bugs living in New York. A couple of weeks after moving in my wife and I were shocked when she woke up with red welts on her shoulder. Being a new home owner, I knew this time it was my responsibility so I called a local exterminator who was there the next day. There were two men searching for over an hour and said there was no bed bug problem. A week later the welts showed up again, this time on my wife’s back. I called Harris at sniff and he had a dog come out on a Saturday. and it took them 10 minutes and told us we DID have bed bugs. The following week we had our treatment and just yesterday we had the pooch re check and we were bed bug free. I It’s been four weeks and we are finally able to enjoy our new home.
If you think you have a problem, I highly recommend using sniff to deal with it. I should have called the minute we thought we had bed bugs.
A++++++ for this company.

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