Paul Lancaster

Finally Bed Bug Free!! But if I had to do it all over again, these are the guys for me. We purchased a House in Boston and during our first week we had visitors every night and it seems they had such a good meal they invited their friends and before my wife and I knew it we had a major party of bed bugs. (I’m taking this up with the Real Estate Board as I feel we should have been advised) And even though I’m laughing now, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The initial company that came said they had “superior” chemicals that would get rid of them in one day. We had the treatment having to launder every piece of clothing. A week later they were back. Looks like the Superior chemical didn’t work. Then another company came and told us that we had to have the chemicals twice every two weeks as baby bed bugs didn’t die the first time. WHAT??? Another 4 weeks had passed and we still had these party animals. My wife and I were going crazy. A friend of hers recommended Sniff K9 and I remember spending an hour on the phone with Michael. Trust me, this guy knows his bugs. Two days later we had our heat treatment (WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ALL THE LAUNDRY AGAIN!) We just gave them the keys in the morning, said adios and by the time we came home from work they were gone (and the bugs) Our first night without the bugs feeding on us. It was a relief. It has been 4 weeks since the treatment, and a dog came through and we were told we HAVE NO BED BUGS!!!!
I wanted to wait to write this review since I wanted to be sure we were actually bed bug free but just have to say, for your sanity’s sake, don’t mess around with companies that wouldn’t know a bed bug if one bit them (you know the rest). These guys got in here, and got the job done all in one day!! Did I mention, no laundry??

Professional, knowledgeable, experts that saved our marriage.

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