N. L. Norwalk

“After coming across their impressive, informative site, I decided to give them a proactive call in preparation for my kids’ return from camp – where bed bugs had been detected in one of the cabins (although not theirs). Mike took my call – even though I wasn’t an immediate customer and I was calling to get advice on how to keep it that way. He stayed on the phone with me for more than 15 minutes – detailing the steps I should take to minimize our risk. He could not have been more nice, more knowledgeable, or funny – making me feel less embarrassed and like I had done the right thing. There was nothing in it for him – he was just imparting knowledge to someone just because it was the kind, honorable thing to do. God forbid I need their services, but this interaction sealed the deal for me if one day I do. I don’t care what the cost – but they would be my first call! Great guy. “

N. L. Norwalk Connecticut
Bed Bug Prevention
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