John Gross

“Being in the hospitality and recreation industry, we have seen first-hand the damage that bed bugs can do to a business. After dealing with various pest control companies and bed bug dog handlers, finding Sniff K9s and working with Harris and Mike has been the best thing for us and the worst thing for bed bugs! We purchased our incredible bed bug hunting dog from Sniffs and couldn’t be happier. From the training that he had undergone beforehand, and the training that he and his handler received together, to the advice and ongoing support we receive today, we are very lucky to have found Sniffs!Their thorough and honest approach to bed bugs and their understanding of the associated problems for a business is truly above others within the field. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to bed bugs; neither is believing you have a problem, when you don’t! With Sniffs, you know that problems will not be exaggerated, but they will be dealt with the utmost professionalism and dedication to allowing your business to continue, unscathed. Thanks Mike, Harris and Janice for providing us with all the necessary tools to ensure that our facility, and others in NH, is succeeding against the increasing problem of bed bugs through a systematic and proactive approach.”

Happy Camper
Bed Bug Dog Sales
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