Amanda D

I want to thank Sniff for finally helping us get our house back. I say that because this experience began as what i would call a nightmare. It’s been 2 months since we discovered my youngest daughter had bed bugs in her room. We threw out the mattress and bed as that’s what were told and for a few days we thought everything was OK. Imagine how I felt when I noticed one on her back pack. We called our apartment landlord and after having toxic poison sprayed everywhere we still had the problem. Then our landlord brought in a company that went from room to room with a freezer gun spraying and that also worked for a few days. The third time I had had enough and contacted our health department who (after two more weeks) gave the landlord one last time to fix the problem. The inspector was great, telling me exactly what we had to do and referred Mike.
Just talking to him made me feel that there was a chance this would all be over. Three days after my call, they came, treated and we havent had bed bugs since. The guarantee is comforting but after two months I think we’re in the clear.
My advise is to make sure you talk to professionals. They all say they can solve your bed bug problem but clearly it isn’t as easy as getting rid of other insects like cockroaches. We now take precautions and I want to thank Harris and Greg for their empathy and service.

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