Canine Bed Bug Detection to Rid Your Home of Infestation

Canine bed bug detection is the process of using a trained dog to find all the cracks and crevices that are harboring bed bugs in your home. This is the fastest and most effective way of detecting bed bugs. The process can be completed within a few minutes with 90% accuracy. Two trained human professionals can look over one room for two hours and still have less than 25% accuracy.

Why Is Bed Bug Detection Important?

Bed bugs can find several places around your home to hide without being visible in your day-to-day routine. If there is already an infestation in your home, the detection process will find all of the hiding spots. Be wary of any company that starts the bed bug treatment before attempting to detect all the hiding places.

Technicians will use a magnifying glass and inspect typical hiding spots for bed bugs. These include your bed, other furniture, and cracks around your home. It is very unlikely a technician can find all of the bed bugs in your home with a magnifying glass. It just takes one colony of bed bugs in your home to reproduce and create a larger infestation.

Certified Canines

Certified canines go through extensive training to increase accuracy in bed bug detection. There are some dogs that are more accurate than others. Conduct a little research before hiring a bug-sniffing canine. You will want to hire a canine that has proper certification. Dogs should be trained a minimum of 16 hours a month. Each dog should have statistics and success rates that you can ask to see before you hire one for the inspection of your home.

Dogs have been trained to sniff out bombs. They are also used to detect accelerant in arson cases. The nose of a canine is a helpful tool and most useful option for successfully detecting bed bugs.

Source: Flickr

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