Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Preventing bed bugs is better than trying to get rid of them. Once established, ridding your home of this pest can be a daunting task. Following basic bed bug prevention guidelines will keep your home free of these bugs. Why suffer bites and itching when you can prevent bed bugs from invading your home?

Be Careful With Second Hand Items
We all love a good deal. But, sometimes a good deal turns into a disaster when it brings bed bugs into your home. Wash, dry and quarantine all second-hand items before you bring them into your house.

If you bought items like stuffed animals, bedding, or clothes, place them in the dryer for 30 minutes or in sealed plastic bags for at least 90 days before allowing them into your house. Never use a second hand mattress.

Be a Wary Traveler
One of the best bed big prevention methods is to watch where you stay when traveling. Always place your luggage on racks and never on the floor or in the bed. Check to see if the mattresses have bed bug coverings on them.

Look for signs of bed bug infestations when traveling. Check under the beds, look at the seams in the mattresses, and check around the baseboards for bugs, sheds and droppings. Avoid any place that might have an infestation.

Most importantly dry all your clothes immediately on return. Consider buying a Pack Tite to heat empty luggage, shoes, purses and other items which do not fit into your dryer. Alternatively seal these items in a plastic bag and place in a hot car for several hours to disinfect. 15 minutes of caution on return from a trip will save weeks of inconvenience later.

Keep a Clutter-Free Home
Bed bugs need hiding places. Remove clutter from your bedrooms. Use cedar linings in drawers and on shelves. Without a place to hide, bed bugs will be easier to spot at an earlier stage.

Seal Cracks
Use caulk to seal any cracks or spaces in baseboards, window and door frames, and in floors. If you have an older home with spaces between wooden floor slats, vacuum regularly and check for signs of bed bugs often.

Use Traps
Place bed bug traps on all beds. The traps will not prevent bed bugs from getting into your mattresses and box spring but will help you identify a problem very quickly. If you are battling a bed bug infestation, only use professional products recommended by a pest control specialist.

It is important to the health and safety of your family to keep bed bugs out of your home. Bed bug prevention techniques will keep your home pest free. If you happen to see signs of bed bugs, call a pest management professional immediately.

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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