Bed Bug Infestation

Many myths about bed bug infestation exist. So, it’s important to separate the facts from the myths about a possible infestation of bed bugs in your home. For example, many people believe only dirty homes are infested with these insects. That’s false. Dirt and filth have nothing to do with whether your home is infested or not. Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, carbon dioxide, and blood.

Another myth involves bed bug bites. If you notice many bed bug bites on your skin, your home is infested with the bugs. That’s false too. Bed bug bites mimic other insect bites like mosquitoes and spiders. Also, the bed bug bites resemble medical conditions like hives and rashes because the bed bugs bite three times. In fact, you may not react at all to the bites. When searching for an infestation of these pesky creatures, it’s vital to look for physical signs in and around your home.

Identifying an Infestation

Besides looking for live bed bugs, when changing your bedding, search for other signs such as the following:

  • Eggshells or eggs
  • Reddish or rust-colored stains
  • Dark spots

Bed bug eggshells or eggs are common when a dwelling is infested with the insects. If you notice tiny, white material about 1 mm in size, those are bed bug eggshells or eggs. With an infestation, you’ll see reddish stains on your mattress or bedding because of crushed bed bugs. Dark spots, which look like dots, are also a sign of the insects’ excrement. Whenever they bleed on fabric, you’ll notice marks. The marks look like a stray mark made with a marker.

You should also look for hiding places. The bugs are about the width of a credit card. Thus, bed bugs can hide in many places when they aren’t feeding. Look around your bed near the seams, mattress tags, and piping; you may find the bugs, their excrement, or eggshells. Another place to search is in cracks on your headboard and bed frame.

When your home is heavily infested, you have to check more areas than just your bedroom. Here are some other places for you to look:

  • Seams of couches and chairs
  • Between cushions
  • In drawer joints
  • Under any loose wall hangings or wallpaper
  • Curtain folds
  • Any places with cracks or holes

One rule of thumb is that if you can fit a width of a credit card in an area like a crack or seam, check it. Chances are that’s where bed bugs are hiding.

Treating the Infestation

Hopefully, you don’t find an infestation of bed bugs in your home. However, if you do, there are ways to treat the infestation. The best thing to do is seek treatment from a bed bug professional to eliminate the insects.

Source: MorgueFile

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