Dogs have been used to successfully detect bombs, arson, narcotics and even cancer.  It’s no surprise that they are incredible partners in the search for bed bugs.


A visual inspection with two trained technicians would typically take two hours for a small room and have 25% or less accuracy.  The inspection of a typical home by one of our IBBMA Certified Canine/Handler teams can be completed in a number of minutes with accuracy of 90% or greater.

Hoping for the best is simply not the best approach during this pandemic. Bed Bugs do not discriminate – they infest five star as often as three star hotels and Ivy League as well as Community Colleges.  By the time you can see bed bugs that you might have carried in your purse or luggage, you have likely created a major, multi-room, very costly infestation.

The legal and financial impact of an incident at your vacation rental home can be enormous. We offer post move out inspections for landlords giving our clients a distinct competitive advantage in this highly crowded market.  We also provide credible third party evidence should a tenant assert a claim against you at a later date.

Case Study #1:

We were contacted by a couple who had just returned home from their honeymoon overseas.  The husband had over 100 bed bug bites on him.  They contacted us to confirm the infestation in their home so they could target the extermination effort in the rooms affected.  We were able to confirm that they had NOT brought bed bugs home with them and that the bites had  occurred while they were on their trip. They avoided a $1500 extermination fee.

Because the symptom of bites can show up 1-2 days after an individual is bitten, it is important to determine whether the bites actually occurred in your house before you pay for treatment.  The cost/benefit of inspection was clear in this case.

Case Study #2:

We were contacted by the owners of a four story apartment building who had problems on their top floor.  Our bed bug dog determined that the infestation was limited to that floor. We heat treated only the affected area and the room directly below thereby avoiding inconvenience for tenants in the unaffected non-adjacent areas.  This can be effective in newer buildings where tenants do not visit or interact regularly with each other.  In single family homes or very old homes, it is often better to treat the entire structure as the chance that the bugs have been moved through the house may be high.

Case Study #3

A landlord contacted us about an infestation in one unit. We used canines to inspect the bordering units and were able to determine only two other units had been affected. We treated a total of 7 units (those affected and those directly bordering them) and thereby eliminated the cost of treating all 20 units.

Case Study #4

A couple contacted us frustrated that two bed bug treatments had not been successful. We brought the canine in and determined they did not have bed bugs. Because our dogs do not alert to other pests we were reasonably certain they had fleas or a spider issue, not bed bugs.  They later determined it was fleas and with a simple treatment solved the problem.

Canines can help avoid unnecessary treatment and more surgically focus treatment efforts when necessary.

Our dogs are trained rigorously to ensure they are indicating only on live bed bugs.  They are also third party certified using the most difficult test criteria used in the industry today.

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